About A Stylish Mess

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      Brittany Markowski is the salon owner and hairstylist of The Artsy Eye Salon & Style Bar, located in Rock Hill, SC.  In addition, she is the chief editor of her blog, A Stylish Mess, and the designer of her handmade jewelry, Bonita Jewels.   
   With a successful career behind the chair since 2004, she takes pride in her work ethic, demonstrates the ability to listen and observe, be thoughtful and intentional. In addition, she uses the language of creativity to create and inspire others. 
   With many titles as a business entrepreneur owning her salon is a dream. Brittany believes that knowledge is power.  Brittany accomplished another goal of being an SC Cosmetology Instructor, educating North and South Carolina. Giving back to the salon industry for the future cosmetologists and assisting them in perfecting their unique artsy eye is essential to accomplish the salon mission. Providing a network and a location for continuing education for seasoned stylists also contributes to giving back to the beauty industry.   
   Brittany's blog, A Stylish Mess, became a way to share knowledge of her personal and career life experiences to inspire and help others. Beauty is from the inside out. We have to take care of our souls first to see and accept our outer beauty. 
   Brittany's handmade jewelry, Bonita Jewels, is named after her mom, who died from Covid on May 24, 2021.  She lost her aunt to Pancreatic Cancer on January 29, 2020. She now takes care of her grandmother with vascular dementia at 93 and has outlived her daughters, Bonita and Betina.  Brittany is the oldest grandchild of five girls and lives in Fort Mill, SC, with her husband, Chris, of 15 years, her three children; Jordan, who is 23, Belle, who is 22; and the youngest, Peyton, who is 12. Having four bulldogs and a chihuahua, the family is now complete. 
   A new passion for Brittany is reaching out to local communities. She currently volunteers at Providence Health Care, which provides home care for the elderly and hospice patients.