About Me

Being a young mom at the age of 20, I knew right then that I wanted a career that would allow me to be flexible with my time at home.  I grew up with a mom who was a dance teacher and a younger sister who shared the same passion for dance. I found myself enjoying the hair and makeup side more than being on stage. Blending color to create different hues of color creates so many hairstyles. When you have a craft for a career, you have to love what you do. My journey continues after 14 years, and I continue to enjoy the beauty industry and the new hair trends. 

My hairstylist career has grown into other forms of art, like the business and marketing side of social media. Being a salon owner allows me to mentor new hairstylist. I enjoy seeing what their artsy eye can create. I am now a cosmetology Instructor for North and South Carolina. I teach that knowledge is power. Never stop learning and creating!

The Artsy Eye Salon strives to provide a meaningful and positive experience. As a stylist, we will continue to learn, improve, and evolve our products and services.  Our clients are our extended family. 

Mission Statement

Salon Lofts

Carmel Village

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