About OYA

We choose OYA beauty because of the full range of premium hair color, care, style, and specialty products that are abundant in nourishing natural ingredients. The combination of current technology with nature maintains the integrity of the hair while achieving the results you want. OYA is for the stylist to create colorful, shiny, healthy hair.

Own Your Art.  

Salon Services

The art of haircutting is the precision to detail to accentuate the facial shape of the individual. Our goal is to help you achieve and maintain a hairstyle for your everyday living, or create a cut that displays your artsy color that sets us above the rest. 

Style Party

What makes us most unique is our style room that has a home salon feel.  You can rent our style room seven days a week, so you can create your atmosphere and schedule everyone to be ready together. Our styling tools, salon services, and our vendor's list are available for you as well.  

Style Bar

Escape the ordinary with our style bar. We have a home-salon atmosphere, a convenient location, and we are also a full-service salon. We have add-on salon services to complete your perfect blow out experience. Our vendor list will help find any specialty service for make-up, eyelashes, skin-care, photography, and waxing, and they can meet you at your appointment time. 

Beauty Vendors

The challenges I experienced renting a salon suite are paying high rent for a single suite, which is $300+ a week, and for a more extensive suite, it is double the price. Salon loft renting also does not support a salon team that I think opens up our creative minds. It is even more challenging to work with another person in a one-room suite to save money where both have to work part-time, all the time, or pay higher rent for a double room suite. We also have beauty certifications that stylists are adding to their services, and these services are becoming more specialized like eyelash extensions, eyebrow tattooing, waxing, spray tanning, skin care, make-up artist, and more. My goal at The Artys Eye Salon & Style Bar is to create another rental option for beauty entrepreneurs and to have the best of both worlds. We want you to accommodate your clients and support your business so we can utilize each other and become more successful. 


Tuesday - Friday: 9:30 am - 7:30 pm ​​Saturday: 9:30 am - 4 pm ​

Sunday: CLOSED


2230 Celanese Road

Rock Hill, SC 29732

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