Permanent Colors

Permanent hair color is what most think of when they think of hair color.  This type of coloring has the most longevity. Permanent hair color mixes with a developer which opens up the cuticle. 

Demi-Permanent Colors 

Demi-permanent hair color is mixed with a very low volume developer so that the color is not deposited very deeply into the hair cuticle. This type of hair coloring is a great choice when you are changing your hair color often. 

Semi-Permanent Colors

Semi-permanent hair colors usually do not use a developer. It only stains the hair. This will last 4 to 6 weeks, depending on shampooing the hair.  


To lighten the hair means to open up the hair cuticle to remove some of the pigment. Lightner is also known as bleach. OYA lightener contains aloe vera for its restorative properties

Color Terms

  1. Foil- A technique in which sheets of foils used to separate small sections of hair. 

  2. Balayage- A technique that refers to painting color or lightener onto the hair freehand, rather than using foils. 

  3. Base Color- This is your primary hair color. You are adding highlights or lowlights to your natural hair color. 

  4. Highlights- This refers to lighter pieces of hair within your base color. Highlighting the hair with foil is most often used, or balayage.  

  5. Lowlights- This is the opposite of highlights; it is the darker pieces of hair. Lowlights will give you depth. 

  6. Block Coloring/ Creative Coloring- Using this color technique will utilize more than one color, creating a multi-color look than highlighting or lowlighting.  


  1. Single Process- This refers to an all-over application of hair color, which then the process is complete.  

  2. Double Process- This refers to a two-step application such as lightening and toning. Anytime you want to go lighter than your current color; it will be a double process. 

  3. Toner- This is a very light color that "tones" on pre-lightened hair.  

  4. Retouch- This means to only color the grow-out or "roots" to match the mid-shaft to the ends of your hair. 


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