Ice Breaker

Hello, Brittany here, and I want to share my ice breaker story. Fort Mill, SC has been my home town since 2009, and my salon is located in Rock Hill, SC. I have enjoyed being a hairstylist since 2004. One of my recent accomplishments is becoming a cosmetology instructor in SC. One of my salon goals is to build a hairstylist assistant program and provide continuing education for the seasoned stylist. I love many aspects of the salon industry, creative coloring and blondes being my favorite. I also enjoy short hair cuts and hair extensions.

I am a mom and a wife with two kids in college; my husband and I have a daughter together in the 5th grade; she is 11 yrs old. Yes, it's an "American family," his, hers, ours, lol. Outside of hair, I love my Bulldogs and my Chihuahua. I just turned 42 on November 23, and yes, it's young, but I do not feel young.

On December 1, 2019, I signed my first lease on a home that I renovated into a salon. I could not open my doors till May 19, 2020, because of COVID. I love what I do, and I can honestly say this to myself because becoming a mom at the age of 20, I realized real quick that the quality of life is more important than materials and money. I live by my motto, "knowledge is power," and that helping others will pay you back in more ways than money.

Hard times in my life are many, kind-of like parenting and marriage, more frustrating than not at times, lol. The best part about hard times is it takes ONE unforgettable moment to understand that you would not have had the "moment" if you had not accepted the battle. Time heals, so the current moment is the hardest for me; the past is the past. My dream opportunity became a reality in December, but sadly soon after, my aunt was diagnosed with stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. She passed away on January 29, 2020. I have a very close family and am blessed to have amazing grandparents. My aunt was my mom's youngest sister, who left behind three daughters and eight grandkids at the young age of 58. Losing her was devastating to us all. My Grandmother, who is 92 now and was living with my aunt, has Vascular Dementia, so she came to live with me one week before my aunt died. I think it is a blessing for my Grandma to have dementia than to see and bury your youngest daughter. My mother has Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, Lupus, and RA, so she cannot care for her. I am the oldest granddaughter of 5 girls, and I could not imagine her being anywhere else than with me through this pandemic.

The best time of my life is that I am still hanging on through this crazy year, and it is still well with my SOUL. Giving up is not an option for me; the only failure is not trying. All of life's ups and downs have to be the best of life, or you are not living at all.

My salon vision is to give back and support the community, help others feel beautiful from the inside out, and leave something behind for future generations. Sounds cliche and beauty pageant-ish, like "world peace," because 2020 has taught me one thing, BE-YOU-tiful. Of course, I want a successful salon, an AMAZING group of hairstylists, and the dream of working smarter, not harder. I need help most in overcoming COVID and a support team that understands this industry's struggles to succeed for the long haul. Being a salon owner can be lonely. You can not do it alone; this is why I think solo loft renting can be the jail cell to your career if you are not careful.

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Ice Breaker