Is It A Miracle Or Science?

Hope Is Alive

I want to warn you; this blog post will not be for those who want a light read. My blogs are deep-thinking topics because blogs are for deep thinkers. So much has changed for all in this world. I find it hard to speak of my troubles because everyone is struggling with hard life events. Asking for help and talking about our emotions is the healthy way. People not talking is why I think mental health is on the rise. Believe it or not, helping others when you are in the midst of hard times can help you look at how much worse it can be, or you will have to take your advice that you give to others. Rethink volunteer work or helping a friend; I promise nothing but good can come from caring. I title this blog; is it a miracle or science because when it comes to a loved one who is sick and possibly dying, what or who do you turn to for help? I do love Billy Graham's quotes. I want to start this blog with one of his; once said, "Someday your life will be over, no matter how much attention you give to your health. Will you look back with regret because you nourished your body but starved your soul?" ~ Billy Graham

Health and Science
Health and Science

Since the COVID crisis, I say "some people" reiterate the word science to fix the COVID pandemic. When death comes, and it will come to every one of us, I know that God allows all things. We may not understand, but He will make good out of evil. Have you ever seen a miracle? To hear about one is not the same as seeing one, but miracles do give hope to the hopeless. Then there is science. As a cosmetologist, I formulate by the law of color. In math, there is a mathematical formula for an answer. We also have the law of gravity; what goes up must come down. With our current technology, we can defy some laws to predict the outcome. An airplane defies the law of gravity. A car can drive itself just about. As a hairdresser, I use my saying that "I am a beautician, not a magician." Wanting something that we don't have is the way of the flesh. We want to be the same, but yet we still want to be different. A trendsetter, I call it. We should see it as a compliment, but sometimes this aggravates us because we want to be different.

A Guarantee
A Handshake

What does a guarantee mean these days? A company will have a guarantee to validate its product or services. We sign up for Lifelock to protect our social security, but have you ever wondered why you should have to pay to have something that should be free federal protection? The name Lifelock fits for sure; you can't even run your credit.

Health Care
A Doctor or God?

The health rules tell us to eat our fruits and vegetables, drink our daily water intake, and exercise. Will this extend your life? Yes, it can, but the "law of life" can also happen. If we all wear a mask for the rest of our lives, can our health care give us the guarantee that COVID will end forever? I think it is a no-brainer if a guarantee comes with all health problems. We take the road that will give us the best outcome is the best answer when dealing with millions of people. The problem is the number of people living in the world, and us all having the same outcome cannot be possible. For example, are birth pains the same for every woman? One more push, one less push, give or take the hours of labor, it's still child labor but different. We come into this world with our personal DNA, fingerprints, and a life story. Identical twins are the same but different. How can science and miracles play a part together when science says there has to be a right and a wrong. Does it matter about percentages at this point?

Some life events we can not explain. When a life miracle event happens, who takes the credit? The same goes for science? We have names for science inventors; for example, Benjamin Franklin invented electricity. Doctors, that create vaccines, would doctors be given the credit or science?

Of course, I want to share my family's miracle story. I start with my dad and his accident that happened on March 30, 1982. My dad was working for Duke Power for two years; he was 27 years old. This day was the day my dad's life changed forever. He touched a live wire on a transformer, received 7200 volts of electricity, and 600 amps shot through his body. He fell 15 feet dead, and the fall resuscitated his heart. My dad went by helicopter to Duke Burn Center, where he stayed for seven weeks and had seven surgeries. One major surgery was removing his left arm to his shoulder, taking his left thumb, and replacing it with his right thumb. That surgery took 13 hours to complete. My dad had exit wounds on both legs, and he also blew out the lower tendon in the right knee, and that surgery took 10 hours. I was four years old, and I only remember my dad with one arm. Growing up, I watched him become frustrated trying to tie his shoe or button his shirt. My dad cooking or opening a bottle was a struggle—the purpose of life for me became; to help those who can't help themselves. My heart broke for my dad because I knew this was not how he was born; this was a life-altering accident. I took my dad to show-in-tell in elementary school because I knew he survived a "miracle." After some time of my aging, I realized that the miracle was not that he survived but how he responded to his new body.

My father accomplished many things, like becoming a one-arm golfer. He currently holds six holes in one. My dad played volleyball and softball for recreational leagues and umpired high school baseball. He continued to work for Duke Power for 35 years. He wore a wooden prosthetic arm. The new technology will not help him because there are no nerve endings to connect. To be born with this disability, you know nothing else, but losing an essential part of the body is a different challenge. My dad's surgeries were done in 1982, so I often wonder how advanced our current health technology is, or I wonder who has access to this kind of health technology?

My husband's best friend died by his ladder falling on a live wire doing gutter work. How does he die and my dad lives? The amount o