Updated: Jan 1

The Artsy Eye Salon

As the chief editor of this blog and salon owner of The Artsy Eye Salon & Style Bar, I want to share my other "eye" view that salon life gives me. It is true; there is so much more to the hair behind the chair. I wanted to call this blog, The Hairpiest, but that name has been used too much.

My goal for this blog is to connect my personal Pinterest and my salon art designs, along with stories that will make you feel many emotions at once. The key to being the best hairdresser you can be is the relationships you build with your clients and the community. Trying to sell your client a service or a product just because you need sales will backfire on you every time. Your clients will know if you are not sincere and confident. As a hairdresser, we hear just about anything; as a matter of fact, I am not sure of another profession where you can listen to such personal stories other than a therapist.

This blog is not just about hair, but about stories that will help others somehow. With my own life stories and my clients' knowledge, we can cover a lot of ground. With a successful career behind the chair since 2004, I have worked with professional hair color products like Scruples, Kevin Murphy, Wella, and now OYA Beauty Care. One of my recent accomplishments is becoming a Cosmetology State Instructor and educator in NC and SC. Married with three kids, I want to give back by supporting and serving the community and other entrepreneurs and stylist.

I have family and clients who have had Dementia, Pancreatic Cancer, Endometrial Cancer, Non-Hodgkins & Hodgkins Lymphoma, and many other cancer stories told in my chair.

I love all things artsy, and I want to share my other eye-catching pieces, not just hair. I love trying DIY projects and sharing my story with others.

I encourage feedback and questions; please submit your art with us for others. Your story will help someone with your valuable information or your personal life experience.

Brittany Markowski

I look forward to our Journey,

Brittany Markowski